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Electrical Installation

We project and build electrical systems for homes, industrial activities and the tertiary sector, subsequently taking care of their maintenance.
We choice the best technologies to ensure quality and reliability for all types of users. Our systems are installed using only materials from the best manufacturing companies: in addition to professionalism, we provide the most efficient devices, with an eye to the aesthetic result. If we talk about lighting, in fact, we also talk about light fittings and for this reason the comfort and efficiency of an electrical system cannot be separated from a stylistic research capable of satisfying even the aesthetic impact.

Civil electrical installations.
Civil electrical systems are those used in homes, offices, shops, etc. They are protected by a relatively small size and a voltage of 220-240V.

• Electrical distribution system.
• Lighting system.
• Motive power plant.
• HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).
• Home automation system.
• Photovoltaic system.
• Video surveillance system.
• Alarm system.
• Data network system.
• Gate automation system
• Anti-theft system.
Industrial electrical systems.

Industrial electrical systems are those used in factories, manufacturing plants, etc. They are separated by larger size and higher voltage, which can go up to 1,000V.

• MT/BT transformation plant.
• Industrial lighting system.
• Power plant for machinery.
• Industrial control system.
• Industrial automation system.
• Emergency power supply system.
• Energy distribution system.
• Industrial safety system.
• Process automation system.
• Installation of industrial communication networks.
• Energy management system.

Other types of electrical systems.
In addition to civil and industrial electrical systems, there are other types of electrical systems.

• Public lighting electrical systems.
• Railway electrical systems.
• Naval electrical systems.
• Aeronautical electrical systems.
• Motive power system.
• Lighting system.
• Structured cabling system.
• Security system.
• Automation system.
• Energy management system.
• Installation of wireless networks.
• Video surveillance system.
• Internal communication system.
Our skills allow us to integrate multiple technologies in different sectors, in order to create ad hoc projects and solutions for every need thanks to the great experience gained in over 50 years of activity.

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