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Home systems

Special care for customers with specific needs for their homes (small and medium size buildings solutions).

Ronchini RV Grandi Impianti has a special care for clients with specific needs for their homes (small and medium size buildings). Ronchini RV Grandi Impianti also realizes cooling and air-conditioning systems with energy saving technologies and no split visible in the room. We build traditional sanitary systems with long lasting materials and centralized vacuum cleaner systems in order to improve your home comfort and make your life easier. In particular we design and build:

  • heating systems, either traditional boilers or with condensing boilers;
  • heated floors with low temperature systems, allowing great comfort, energy saving and no visible heater in the room;
  • solar thermal systems;
  • photovoltaic systems;
  • geothermal systems and heat pumps allowing a better performance, a lower fuel consumption, an easier system management and a higher environmental respect.
  • cooling and air conditioning systems that reduce energy consumption, avoiding any anti-aesthetic impact;
  • traditional health systems using durable materials;
  • central vacuum systems, designed to enjoy your life at home.


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