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“The company Ronchini RV Grandi Impianti continually strives

to meet the different needs of the market and to ensure further growth in new technologies and the competence of human resources”

Vittorio Ronchini

Director Ronchini RV Grandi Impianti

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Why choose Ronchini

Ronchini RV Grandi Impianti designs and builds plants:

  • hydro-thermo-sanitary, fire protection and gas;
  • air conditioning and heating, air and water treatment;
  • photovoltaic, solar, heat pumps and geothermal, district heating and biomass.

Guarantees nationally certified

  • SOA certification for OS3 OS28 categories;
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality certification;
  • certification under Reg. 303/2008 on fluorinated gases: ‘Refrigetorer licence’.

The company dimensions allow:

  • closely monitor all customers;
  • to offer high quality solutions;
  • to take care of all aspect related to the execution of the project and the post maintenance.